What is sCOOL2Walk about?

sCOOL2 walk is a digital web application that allows a parent or guardian to announce the route the child will take and discover others in the community who are planning a similar journey.
Students will connect with each other and make the trip together.

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How it works

Combat unsafe routes

Combat existing unsafe routes that prevent kids from walking to school. By utilizing the Scool2Walk platform!

An easy to use platform

sCOOL2Walk is an easy to use mobile platform that allows parents to plan trips for the kids to walk to school.

Facilitate safe trips

By utilising sCOOL2Walk enforce healthy activities, safer school zones and less congestion!

Why is it important?

It strengthens social cohesion and promotes safety around school zones, making walking fun and safe. Children develop awareness of traffic situations at an early age, making them safer.

Want to implement sCOOL2Walk in your city today!

Municipalities can obtain licenses and make them available to local schools. That way, schools, in cooperation with the community, can manage the programme themself! Interested in trying it out or organising a pilot? Or just want to know more? Sent an email to: scool2walk@thefuturemobility.network

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Watch our Project Summary

sCOOL2Walk is a project that started from EIT Urban Mobility with the aims to get families walking to school. The project matches people together to share their walk to and from school. The benefits are many.

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